The main attraction of the area: The Reford garden.

15 km away

These magnificent English gardens are internationally acclaimed and the main tourist attraction of the region. Declared a national historic site in 1995

A short walk at the mouth of the Métis River.
When you leave Route 132 to enter the Reford garden, take the first small road on the left (before arriving at the parking lot). Then drive for 1 km to the mouth of the river where there is a small parking lot, very nice place.

Metis River Park
A stone’s throw from the Reford garden, across the bridge over the Métis River. Very interesting scientific exhibitions and beautiful walks in perspective.

Salmon Fishing in the Mitis River

Boule Rock golf course (1.8 km)
Superb golf course, almost 100 years old (founded in 1919), offering a breathtaking view of the river.

Golf and tennis club Cascade (2,5 km)
The Club de Golf and Tennis Cascade Inc. is a private club that offers access to the public on the golf course during weekday afternoons starting at 1:00 pm. It is best to call and book in advance to check availability.

Here are a few suggestions of attractions and activities in Métis-sur-Mer and the surrounding area

  • Read calmly by listening to the sound of the waves.
  • Enjoy a moment of contemplation in our beautiful decor.
  • Walk on the beach, east or west.
  • To the east of the Inn, a few houses down the beach, the littoral becomes wild. It is one of the few natural beaches still left. To the west, you will walk alorn the village of Métis-sur-Mer with its ancient family vacation homes and sandy beaches where hundreds of holidaymakers have been coming to enjoy life for more than a century.
  • Discover our charming village and meet the neighbours.
  • Explore the hinterland of Métis-sur-Mer, the wind turbines, the covered bridge and, of course, the view of the river, seen from the high ground. Simply majestic!

La Mitis, a “region” within a region. (in French only)

La Mitis is a regional county municipality (RCM) located in the Lower-Saint-Lawrence administrative region of Quebec. The central town is the town of Mont-Joli. Métis-sur-Mer is part of this RCM, even though the village is geographically in the Gaspé touristic area.

You will find a wealth of information on the following websites :

Vacances Mitis :

Tourist map of la Mitis:

To the east:

Baie-des-Sables (6. km from the Inn)
Fromagerie du Littoral, canteen.

Saint-Ulric (23 km from the Inn)

Carpinteri vineyard  (24 km from the Inn by route 132 and 29 km by the rows)

Come for a wine tasting, stay for a drink on the terrace.

Gîte confort et chocolats (23,5 km from the Inn) (in French)

Matane is about 35 kilometers from Métis-sur-Mer.

Salmon fishing in the Matane River

To the west:

Mont-Joli (25 km from the Inn)

Les p’tits fruits champêtres
Agro-tourism, pick your own strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.

Sainte-Flavie (25 km from the Inn)

The road to the arts
These are galleries, boutiques and art exhibitions, all along the village of Sainte-Flavie.

The old mill and its Neufve-France museum.
An visit you can’t miss. Honey, mead, it is a museum full of treasures and beautiful discoveries.

Public market: Saturday from 10 am to 3 pm from 29 June to 5 October.

Sainte-Luce (beach) (38 km from the Inn)

Attractions and activities in Sainte-Luce:
Beautiful beach, restaurants and shops.

Sainte-Luce artisan market. Crafts market on Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm and local produce on Sunday from 10 am to 3 pm. Entertainment and activities on site.

Rimouski (pointe au père)

Lighthouse and National Historic Site, 46 km from the Inn.
Museum, Onondaga submarine and lighthouse (possibility to climb up the lighthouse).