Enjoy the warm and relaxed ambiance our inn proposes.

Toes in the St-Lawrence River, our inn lives to the sound of waves, far from the noises of road 132, in one of the most beautiful villages in Quebec, Métis-sur-Mer.

Former book monger in Quimper, Bretagne, Raynald came to live in Métis-sur-Mer 22 years ago, looking to share his passion for the small and great pleasures of gastronomy and the joy of literature.

The owner and his family will welcome you with simple friendship.

Books. Books everywhere. In the rooms, in the living room, even in the kitchen! These books are there to be read and to be shared with as many people as possible.

We hope to welcome you in our Bed and Book


Métis-sur-Mer is a charming village, founded by Scottish settlers in 1850. At the beginning of the 1900’s, it became a holiday hotspot for rich English speaking families. Every summer, they would come in numbers to enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh gaspesian breeze in a chic hotel or private pavilion.

Today, the descendants of these vacationers of old still come to enjoy Métis-sur-Mer and its villas and manors made of gables and balconies, hidden behind trees or offered to the sea breezes…

Since then, these houses have been the stuff of dreams for generations of passerby.

Books on the history of Métis-sur-Mer and its lighthouse in every room.

The St-Lawrence River, a River of Great Waters

For scientists, it is the estuary, for writers, the Great River… and for us, it is the sea… Whatever the name you wish to give it, its beauty and its majesty remain the same.

The Micmacs called it « Magtogoek», the River f Great Waters, the walking way. From European explorers to Asian fishermen, it attracts boats for all over the world. Tourists are not forgotten either. As early as the beginning of the twentieth century, cruise ships from Montreal and Boston have navigated the Saguenay estuary.

We are privileged to be living close to one of the most majestic rivers in the world, surrounded by magnificent sceneries, full of life and with a vibrant history.