Our room rates vary between 89$ and 145$ (before taxes). For more information, see Room categories.

Rooms in the Inn
Rooms in the pavilion

These prices are calculated for double occupancy. There is a small additional fee for extra people in rooms with two beds. 14$ for one adult, 24$ for two adults.

Free for kids under 12 years old.

During high season, from Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day (June 24th) to Labour Day (September 5th), our river view rooms are available in a half-board plan.

This plan includes a room, fine cuisine five service dinner and gourmet breakfast for two.

River view balcony inn rooms are available for 310 à 320$ on the half-board plan.

River terrace pavilion rooms are available for 320$ on the half-board plan.

For customers looking to rent one of our rooms outside of our half-board plan, it is off course still possible to enjoy our restaurant.

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Housing conditions

Taxes – GST, QST and accommodation tax – are not included in our prices. Credit card  number in guarantee. No penalty applied for change of date or name unless one of the cancellation conditions described below is applicable. For a change in the number of people, a new rate will be calculated according to occupation.

Cancelletion conditions

Due to the small number of rooms in the hostel and the short summer season, for the period between June 15 and September 15, a reservation can not be canceled within two weeks of your arrival date.

Within the two weeks period, the total amount for the stay may be collected from your credit card.

The same penalty could be applied if the customer does not show up. For example, bad weather or a ferry problem, can in no way constitute a ground for cancellation.

We thank you in advance for your understanding.

Note that in order to stay in the spirit of the house, we chose not to install television sets in our bedrooms. We still have a rescue TV in the living room. Wifi is available free of charge throughout the inn and pavilion.